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Garlic Green Beans

I just love these green beans, and that’s coming from a person who never used to like any bean of any kind. These are similar to the kind you would find at a Chinese buffet. The garlic does wonders and steaming/blanching allows your green beans to remain somewhat crisp and fresh tasting.






Garlic Green Beans
  • Green Beans (1 big handful or approx 2 cups), steamed or blanched
  • 1 T Sesame Oil
  • 2 cloves Garlic, minced or pressed
  • Course Ground Garlic Salt
  1. Blanch or steam the green beans and set aside.
  2. In a small sauté pan over medium/high heat, pour in the oil. Next add the minced or pressed garlic. Stir the garlic into the oil constantly for 20-30 seconds until the garlic looks crispy (but not burnt).
  3. Then add the green beans and garlic salt, stirring constantly to coat the green beans and keep from scorching. Sauté for 3-5 minutes until the beans are well coated and thoroughly cooked. Sauté longer for a more flavorful but less crisp bean.
  4. Remove from heat and serve immediately. Enjoy!
Add some crumbled bacon, chopped Canadian bacon or chopped ham for a delicious twist. Have the meat cooked and chopped ahead of time. Stir it into the garlic and oil just prior to adding the green beans.


How to Blanch Green Beans  – click here!

How to Sauté your Garlic Green Beans

Start with some fresh garlic cloves, peeled. They can be finely minced on your cutting board or squeezed through a garlic press. If you don’t usually have fresh garlic on hand or don’t have a garlic press, garlic can be found at your grocery store in a jar already minced. Substitute ½ tsp minced garlic for each clove.




Once the oil in your sauté pan is hot, press in the garlic.

And here is the oh-so-handy garlic press. The peeled garlic clove goes inside and is squeezed through by the top handle. If you are in the market for your own garlic press, be sure it includes a cleaning attachment to get the spent garlic out of the holes.




Over medium/high heat, stir the garlic into the oil constantly for 20-30 seconds. It will turn a nice golden color. Be careful to not let it cook too long and burn.

If you want to add any meat (bacon, Canadian bacon or ham), do it at this stage, so it gets its own garlic flavoring. Mmmmm, I love the smell of garlic.



Add the green beans, stirring them constantly to get each one coated. Add a sprinkling of coarse ground garlic salt. One of the benefits to coarse ground salt is that you can see it easily and know how much you’ve added.

Sauté 3-5 minutes until the beans are cooked through and the garlic is crispy. Crispy garlic is delicious. The beans should still taste fresh and crisp. If you want a softer but more flavorful bean, cook a few minutes longer.