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My Two Homes

There’s something about the fall that beckons me back home. I jump at the chance to visit anytime, but when the leaves are turning and the air gets chilly, the urge to spend two days packing and drive over 450 miles with three kids under five is extra strong. Maybe it’s because I know harvest is coming to an end without me. Or maybe I subconsciously know that our roads will soon be blanketed with snow and ice. Which means my interstate driving privileges will be revoked for the next five to eight months. You just never know what to expect, living in Minne-snowta.

So we’ve made two trips back home in the last four weeks. When I say back home, I am referring to my parent’s farm in northern Illinois. Our actual home, where we raise our kids, pay high taxes and shovel snow, is in Minnesota.

The first trip home was all about harvest. Getting in the fields with my dad and brothers as much as the rainy four-day weekend would allow. The second trip, was jam-packed with other important things. . .

We met the newest additional to our family, my sister’s baby boy Hudson. I call him Hud the Stud. He is a gem of a baby. He and my boy Levi will be ganging up on their older sisters in no time.


We had a birthday party for my almost-three-year-old Darcy. When asking her what kind of party she wanted, assuming she’d choose one of the many Disney Princesses, she grinned her tiny-tooth grin and said she wanted a combine cake. I’m not  a cake decorator, so I found some pink and green John Deere cap cupcake picks and made cupcakes for her party. She was happy. And of course she choose the green over pink.


All the great-grandkids got dressed up in their Halloween costumes and we went to Grandpa & Grandma Friestad’s annual Halloween get-together. The kids loved playing with all their cousins and getting extra time in their costumes. My three are dressed as the puny pirates from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. My sister’s kiddos are Mickey & Minnie Mouse.


And we couldn’t head home before the kids got to spend a day playing outside with their cousins. Gator rides were definitely included, compliments of my farm boy nephews, Nate & Eli. No bumper benders or speeding tickets or rollover crashes…

All in all, a fantastic trip!

Kristin Allen Friestad - July 8, 2014 - 3:50 am

This is an awesome photo!!!!!