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Make Your Own Proof Box!

I use my oven for a homemade proof box anytime I have dough that needs to raise.

Like with any of these recipes. . .

Cinnamon Rolls

Soft White Bread

If your kitchen is like mine and on the cooler, dryer side of life, create a proof box using your oven. Bakeries use proof boxes for getting racks of bread and donut dough to raise quickly and effortlessly. A proof box is a sealed area/room that is kept above room temperature and has a high humidity.

Preheat oven to its lowest temperature (my oven can start preheating at 170 degrees). Place pan in the oven. Then fill an oven-safe bowl or pan with warm water and place in oven below rising dough.

Shut the oven door and turn oven off. This process creates the warm, moist environment your dough needs to raise. Your dough can usually double in size in about half the time using this process (approximately 30 minutes, depending on the recipe).

For example, see the before and after for these cinnamon rolls. . .