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The Farmer’s Daughter

Me & Dad – Spring 1984

Welcome to my farm table!  I’m Sarah, and my dad is a midwest farmer. Mom always said I was my father’s daughter. I wear that as a badge of honor.


I grew up as a middle child in a family of 7. My family farms in Illinois, about 60 miles southwest of Chicago. But don’t let the big city fool you. Our farm is sandwiched between two dry-towns, populations 400 and 800, respectively.

(L-R) Bethany, Justin, Caleb, Seth & Me



My grade school graduating class: 14

My Sunday School class: 5

Corn and soybeans are the primary crops. Sweetcorn and hay are the never-ending hobbies.

Red makes a great tractor, but green will always be the color of our combines.

Speaking of colors, I wore a National Blue and Corn Gold jacket for 6 years. Proudly. I also learned a great deal through a green 4-leaf clover.


Here’s a little bit of what you’ll find here at the farm table. . . .

The Recipe Box

I have some fantastic family recipes I would like to share with you. Boy, did I luck out growing up in a family with some amazing cooks! Family get-togethers had an endless amount of food, and then double that for desserts. This made me an avid recipe collector.

You won’t find 1,000 recipes in my recipe box. You won’t find anything gourmet either. What you will find is a collection of simple but amazing recipes that have been enjoyed time and time again.

Tips & Tricks

So I would make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, they’d turn out just fine. The next time, they would flop. Drove me near insane. That’s when I started testing things. And that’s when I started to love the why’s behind the recipe. Eventually, I learned to make that soft, chewy cookie each and every time. The next recipe I tried to tackle was apple pie. Then homemade pizza. The list goes on, you get the gist.

So if you enjoy finding tips to make your job in the kitchen easier, check out my tips from the table. From saving time to saving money, who doesn’t want to make their job easier? Oh, and be warned. Kitchen gadgets make great gifts. :-)

The Daily Grind

As a mom of three littles, life is always interesting and each day is different. In a good way of course. I have a five year old who is my helper and can say and remember the darndest things. I have a stinker of a three year old who is possibly the most charming child I’ve ever met. She can smile her way out of almost anything. Almost. Then my baby, a smiley little guy who’s not so little. He’s got quite the appetite. I call him “little tank.” He’ll be eating me out of house and home someday, but will make a fantastic taste tester!

Memory Lane

Growing up with several siblings and over 20 cousins, most living within an easy 15 miles, boy do we have stories. We were a creative bunch of kids. We raced our bikes in the summer and had snow forts and sleds in the winter. Family get togethers were potlucks over-flowing with homemade goodness and holidays were full of tradition.

There were practical jokes and real-life tragedies. There were things we learned and things we wished we’d already knew. It’s fun to reminisce. I’d love for you to join me on a journey down memory lane. I hope it will inspire you to jot down your stories!

The Scenery

One of the best aspects of farm life, and one I miss the most, is the scenery. You see, I no longer live on the farm. I married and moved away several years ago. And boy, do I miss it! You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. That’s my motto. But I’d be happy to share it with anyone who can relate. :-)

No matter where you are situated, on the farm, off the farm or no where near a farm, I would love to share with you my love for farming through my photography and videos. Agriculture is an industry that not only shapes people, but provides the food that nourishes your family each and every day.


(L-R) Emma (5), Super Hubby, Me, Levi (4m) & Darcy (2)

I live outside of the twin cities with my husband and three children. My hubby is a super man, but no farmer, so things look a little different when I look out my kitchen window. But my favorite season is still harvest. My favorite landscape is still a cornfield. And my favorite food is still Mom’s homemade pizza.