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Using a Bread Machine

One of my all-time favorite inventions. The bread machine. A wonderful gadget, but it often falls into the unique category I call Underrated & Overwhelming. Underrated because of the variety of recipes it can help with and Overwhelming because it requires things like time and yeast and sometimes. . . bread flour. If you don’t […]

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One Busy Summer

Between raising kids and my job with the Minnesota Farm Bureau, things have been hoppin’ around here this summer! Our exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair is ready and the fair opens tomorrow. Hence, I’m able to write this post today! If you are around for the Great Minnesota Get-Together, be sure to stop in […]

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Katie Trebesch - August 22, 2013 - 4:31 pm

I JUST LOVE YOU! Everything about you! Your family, your food, your sense of humor-seriously and OH MY GOSH I AM PUMPED YOUR GONNA HOMESCHOOL! You can teach me everything :) love this post friend!

The World of Cake-Decorating

Cake-decorating has always been down-right intimidating to me. Mom made some pretty cool birthday cakes when we were kids – Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Bright, the Sesame Street gang. I loved them, but it was never something I could figure out myself.  Decorating requires a certain attention to detail that I definitely lack. Give me loaves of […]

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Hot Cocoa, Anyone?

In honor of dropping temperatures and negative 15 degree wind chills. . . . who wants some Hot Cocoa? I can hear my girls in the background. One shouts, “ME!” The older responds with, “I don’t like Hot Cocoa. Can I have Hot Chocolate instead?” Is there a difference? I just like the word cocoa. […]

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