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The Country Wedding Cake

A Country Wedding Cake – perfect for a beautiful country wedding. My farmer brother and his bride were married last summer and put in a special request to have my mother-in-law make the cake. This brother of mine doesn’t say much and asks for even less, so it was near impossible to say no! Cakes […]

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Kristin Allen Friestad - July 8, 2014 - 3:47 am

What a beautiful wedding it was!! Loved looking at the pictures again tonight ;) fun family memories!!!

The Treasure Chest Cake

Happy birthday to our sweet girl, Emma. I can’t believe she’s already six years old! This girl pretty much likes anything by the great Walt Disney and loves the show Jake & The Neverland Pirates, which is a tot-friendly spin-off of Peter Pan. (Click here to see them dressed up as Jake’s crew last Halloween!) […]

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The Cowboy Cake

This is quite possibly my new favorite cake by Nanny, my cake-creating mother-in-law. She whipped this one up for my little buckeroo’s first birthday. The more cowboy-influence in this little guy’s life, the better. :-)      I think he liked it. :-) And how could he not. . . With the rugged little cowboy hat […]

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The Gun Cake

Nanny is what all the grandkids call my hubby’s mom. She is our family’s official cake-maker. For each birthday, Nanny tries to make a special cake according to a current interest or milestone. For the grandkids, it may resemble a favorite Disney princess or a toy truck. Fast forward to my birthday. This past year, […]

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