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Whipped Buttercream

This is hands-down the best buttercream frosting I’ve ever tasted. The only frosting that comes close is from a bakery I once worked at in Pella, Iowa. This frosting is light and fluffy with just the right  amount of sweetness. It contains a few unique ingredients that definitely separates it from the rest! My cake-making […]

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Perfect Icing

Love this icing! Drizzle it over a batch of Perfect Cinnamon Rolls and you’ll find a new breakfast favorite. Spread it over Apple Pie Squares, wallah, delicious! The first time I was introduced to this icing, it was laced over Cinnamon Rolls and called Maple Glaze. We’ve been good friends ever since. The last time […]

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Fresh Whipped Cream

Who doesn’t love fresh whipped cream? And it’s surprisingly very easy to make! You’ll need only two ingredients – heavy cream and powdered sugar – and a mixer. This whipped cream and be piped onto desserts with a decorator or plopped on with a spoon. Either way, it will taste great!         […]

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Strawberry Sauce

You just need some fresh berries, sugar and lemon juice to make this simple but delicious strawberry sauce. It’s very similar to my easy strawberry jam recipe, but with less sugar, lighter cooking and bigger chunks of berries. Like the jam, it can also be frozen. This sauce is fabulous over ice cream, angel food […]

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